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> Hi Edward,
> I was reading the theory on model free within the manual and I had a quick
> question. The d'Auvergne protocol, is that the model-free analysis in
> reverse with the universal solution?

Yes, that is the technique.

> Or is that the model-free models with
> only the AIC model selection (no universal solution). Both methods were
> under the new-protocol section, so I was confused a bit as to which one the
> d'Auvergne protocol is running.

This is a fragment of the protocol.  It is one part of the iterative
procedure shared with the methods that require an initial, external
diffusion tensor estimate.  The key references to understand all of
this are:

    d'Auvergne E. J., Gooley P. R. (2007). Set theory formulation of
the model-free problem and the diffusion seeded model-free paradigm.
Mol. Biosyst., 3(7), 483-494. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/b702202f)

    d'Auvergne, E. J. and Gooley, P. R. (2008). Optimisation of NMR
dynamic models II. A new methodology for the dual optimisation of the
model-free parameters and the Brownian rotational diffusion tensor. J.
Biomol. NMR, 40(2), 121-133.



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