Dear Edward,

I also tried running the same calculation on my personal macbook pro (OSx EI 
Capitan) and I got the following errors:

relax>'results', dir='/Users/ashishsethi/Desktop/model free 

Opening the file '/Users/ashishsethi/Desktop/model free 
LDLamodule/local_tm/aic/results.bz2' for reading.

Exception raised in thread.

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "gui/analyses/execute.pyc", line 87, in run

  File "gui/analyses/auto_model_free.pyc", line 811, in run_analysis

  File "auto_analyses/dauvergne_protocol.pyc", line 246, in __init__

  File "auto_analyses/dauvergne_protocol.pyc", line 652, in execute

  File "prompt/uf_objects.pyc", line 225, in __call__

  File "pipe_control/results.pyc", line 97, in read

  File "data_store/__init__.pyc", line 512, in from_xml

  File "data_store/pipe_container.pyc", line 244, in from_xml

  File "lib/structure/internal/object.pyc", line 1714, in from_xml

  File "lib/structure/internal/models.pyc", line 155, in from_xml

  File "lib/structure/internal/molecules.pyc", line 632, in from_xml

  File "lib/structure/internal/molecules.pyc", line 449, in from_xml

  File "lib/xml.pyc", line 287, in xml_to_object

  File "lib/float.pyc", line 200, in packBytesAsPyFloat

error: pack expected 8 items for packing (got 571)

I have attached the results.bz2 file with this email.


relax (

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