I'm sorry to ask for yet another break. We finally fixed the
'cycle-windows' shortcut this cycle (that is, switching between windows
without showing a switcher popup - alt+esc by default). It's not a
super-common feature, which is probably why we didn't catch these before:


To sum up the bug:
When using the shortcut with hidden windows, those windows are not only
shown temporarily, but stick around as "ghosts" after the operation
finishes (the windows are visible, but cannot be interacted with). This is
very clearly broken, so I'm hoping for a freeze break for at least the
first two patches which address this issue (the first makes a mutter
function available to gnome-shell, the second uses that function to get the
correct visibility).

The two remaining patches fix glitches when selecting a hidden window - it
is odd to switch to a window and have it disappear briefly before animating
back in, so I would still like to see an exception for them as well. Those
glitches only show up temporarily during the finishing animation though, so
fixing them isn't quite as urgent as the first issue (in case you'd rather
keep that part for .1)

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