Changes in this release:

 • More documentation and GObject Introspection additions.
 • Fixes for documentation and taking of floating references from
   GVariant params.
 • The soname has been bumped since we altered the correctness of
   GVariant params. C-based programs mostly just need to be recompiled.
   Other bindings-based consumers should have their bindings regenerated
   if necessary.
 • When panic'ing a connection (such as from a broken pipe) we now
   defer error propagation back to the main loop to avoid some
   re-entrancy complexity for applications.


 In this cycle we had to break our GObject Introspection documentation
 that was correct for the transfer ownership of GVariant. Additionally, we
 fixed the miss-named library libjsonrpc_glib-1.0 to libjsonrpc-glib-1.0.
 Since we bumped our soname, it is a good time to fix this in your

  sha256sum: d749ef082a7a9069890c230797a904d7a81f8cd4488761ed4cbf38e29bc4c286

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