Changes since last release:

 • Various fixes for FreeBSD and similar
 • The "Projects" directory is now translated and created using the translated
   name when applicable. If "Projects" already exists, it is used.
 • Fixes and correctness improvements in the beautifier plugin.
 • Fixes and correctness improvements in the xml plugin.
 • A new "Clone Repository" app-menu item has been added.
 • The code-indexer has been restructured to avoid threading in the plugin
   API. Plugins are still free to use threads in their implementation.
 • A new golang language server client has been added with limited support.
 • Many leaks across a variety of plugins have been plugged.
 • The flatpak plugin tries even harder to avoid building projects immediate
   upon project load.
 • The autotools plugin now checks for AC_INIT() inside to avoid
   being fooled by invalid tooling.
 • The configuration manager and providers have been restructured to avoid
   threading in plugin APIs.
 • Writeback of configuration changes has been improved.
 • The editor gutter handles text and icon size changes for zoom.
 • The language server protocol client has gotten a number of fixes.
 • Preferences improvments.
 • The terminal now supports grid selection again.
 • Fixes for tab v spaces selection in the document properties pane.
 • We now support SDK extensions in flatpak and they will be downloaded.
 • A new template for Mono/C♯/Gtk♯ has been added.
 • We try even harder to supress unwanted build notifications.
 • The make plugin now supports a "run" target.
 • A new PTY interceptor has been added so that we can extract build warnings
   while also using a real PTY for the terminal widget.
 • Ctags now inserts snippets for completion, allowing for parameters expansion.
 • Clang plugin now uses language spacing settings when expanding snippets.
   This allows for supression of spaces before opening parens.
 • Language defaults have been restored, and now properly set the fallback
   settings we intended.
 • We now log subprocess arguments when building.

Updated Translations:

  Lithuanian, Hungarian, Occitan, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese

  sha256sum: 44c1bf75a19b917827d8d6509893ff57b19664e2a01a6e72f923775ee40db3c1

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