* Enable closing tabs by middle-clicking (Carlos Soriano)
* Rename “favorite” files to “starred” (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix starring files with special characters (Carlos Soriano)
* Ellipsize tab labels less aggressively for large numbers of tabs (António 
* Fix infinite loop when extracting encrypted archives (Ernestas Kulik)
* Remove support for external bulk rename tools (Carlos Soriano)
* Only show option to star files in indexed locations (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix batch renaming for files with special characters in metadata (Ernestas 
* Refactor extension library (Ernestas Kulik)
* Show notification when unstarring files and allow undo (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix AppStream metadata being installed in a deprecated location (Jeremy Bicha)

======== (3.10M)
  sha256sum: 292ed1d1f7d7c5531bc2c0c78e451f7c357a37a5c05347b860b32b4eb20fa81a

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