o New project configuration controlling how the sandbox behaves
    when `bst shell` is used; allowing projects to provide a more
    functional shell environment.

  o The `bst shell` command now has a `--mount` option allowing
    users to mount files and directories into the sandbox for
    testing purposes.

  o Log lines are now configurable with the new "message-format"
    user configuration, allowing one to express optional fields
    such as microsecond precision and wallclock time.

  o Newly added filter element

  o Git source plugin now allows disabling of submodule checkouts

  o In the same way we allow overriding element configurations
    by their 'kind' in project.conf, we now support the same
    for source plugin configurations.

  o Tar and zip sources now automatically recall an `etag`
    from the http headers, optimizing tracking of tarballs
    significantly (issue #62)

  sha256sum: a8ce204d5c56cd9f9dddbbd156161dbcbf71413207bd867efdd05588fd9a8432

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