* Add dependency on libepoxy.
* RetroCoreView:
 - Render the video with OpenGL instead of Cairo.
 - Drop the 'pixbuf' property, bt keep the pixbuf accessor functions.
   This avoids an automatic and probably useless convertion of the video
   to a GdkPixbuf as it isn't part of the rendering pipeline anymore.
 - Grab the focus when clicked, avoiding to miss the player's keyboard
   events to control the game.
 - Allow it to be the default widget by default bt setting the
   'can-default' property to TRUE on construction.
* Add internal support for GLSL based video filters and port the
  existing ones to GLSL so they can work with the OpenGL renderer.
* Add RETRO_VIDEO_FILTER_CRT, a RetroVideoFilter demanding the video
  display to mimick a CRT TV screen.
* RetroPixdata:
 - Add retro_pixdata_get_width/height() and
   retro_pixdata_load_gl_texture(), allowing to export the pixel data to
   an OpenGL texture and to draw it at the expected size.
 - Don't fail when constructing with a non-zero rowstride, as these are
   valid values.
* Add the set_rumble_state() virtual method to RetroController and
  implement it in RetroCoreViewController.
* Build system change: make retro-gtk-demo properly depend on retro-gtk.
* The project moved to

* Bugs fixed:

  sha256sum: 0a85cfaa2e61444871e2405fd1cae3a1339fa0b327507072f5d940fc06a4b1cb

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