All looks good for a new stable release. Many changes in the UI, many changes in
the backend, some real improvements that –I hope– will please every user of this
3.28 release. Needs to be highlighted, the rework of the list of keys look, some
fixes in the backend with notably the support of relocatable schemas (a function
that was asked regularly) and a refresh of the schema list, and a first revision
of an improved search function.

Translations updated:
  Croatian: gogo
  Danish: Ask Hjorth Larsen
  British English: Bruce Cowan
  French: Alain Lojewski
  German: Tim Sabsch
  Italian: Milo Casagrande
  Latvian: Rūdolfs Mazurs
  Serbian and Serbian Latin: Марко Костић and Милош Поповић
  Swedish: Anders Jonsson
  Turkish: Muhammet Kara

  sha256sum: 455b53d827820efd28a176ee52e13eda5cda8cdf4e31e0145cfdd69931bf0c5a

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