Hello Release Team,

A highlight of GNOME Files 3.28 is the "Starred" feature. However,
currently it also exposes the files which are "Favorite" in GNOME
After discussing this with the maintainers and designers, the consensus
was that we don't want our "Starred" files list to be flooded by other
"Favorite" items such as pics or songs favorited in Music or Photos.

To change this, we need to use a different tag, as implemented by this
merge request: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/merge_requests/1
There is no UI change and no translatable string change. The Starred
list is reset by this change.

Carlos Soriano has aproved the change and instructed me to request this
freeze break. Although nautilus 3.28.0 has already been released, we
want to make
a release with this change. This is necessary to avoid people
losing their Stars. The sooner we merge this into the 3.28 branch, the
fewer people will have their Starred list reset.

Apologies for asking this late into the release schedule.

Thank you,
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