El Dijous, 1 de desembre de 2011, a les 20:46:35, Shlomi Fish va escriure:
> Hi all,
> tags for recent releases of KDE (such as KDE-4.7.80) are absent in the git
> repositories of kdelibs and kde-workspaces:
> <<<
> snip
> I was told that the tags were applied to the releases locally and not
> pushed. This is confusing, and it should be fixed, and such a practise
> should be avoided into the future.

You should read the list before complaining about something that has already 
been discussed. Please avoid that in the future. 

You may not like the workflow, but it is something that works for the people 
doing the work, unless you can offer something that works for you AND the 
people doing the work your mail adds nothing to the discussion.

So please read the thread and if you have any idea that has still not been 
discussed and would achieve what you want while not making the life of those 
that do the work harder, I'm sure everyone wants to hear it.


> Regards,
>       Shlomi Fish
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