New tarball for 'minuet', fixes builds with FluidSynth:

minuet Applications/17.12
4fc315048cf05998f8ce304d1d7a16b70972d3bfef076a235d4543d30bbbb04e sources/minuet-17.12.3.tar.xz

Please test the changes.

Christoph Feck

On 06.03.2018 01:49, Christoph Feck wrote:
Hello packagers,

*.tar.xz files are available at the usual "stable" location.

Cantor fails on CI SUSE5.9 due to a Python issue. It works with
FreeBSDQt5.9, so I suspect it is a downstream problem:

backends/python2/python2session.cpp:63:35: error: ‘PyString_AsString’
was not declared in this scope

Please report issues, release is next Thursday.


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