On miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016 5:50:31 A. M. ART Jani Heikkinen wrote:
> Qt 5.7.1:
> - Branching finalized
> - Merges from '5.6' & '5.6.2' to '5.7.1' done
>    * We should be pretty close to release content already but we will see it
> after first testing round - Target to create first snapshot for testing
> during this week

Would it be possible to get by-submodules tarballs for this one? This will 
help us Debian packagers to get 5.7.1 into the next stable release. We need to 
push 5.7.1 at least one week before november 5th, but we can do with a beta 
and update it later.

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