And a loss for all sailors and soldiers and member of the air force who
will feel excluded and shut out by people like Cap. Klingenschmitt and
his ilk who cannot understand the difference between their role as
officers in relationship to all members of the armed forces, and their
personal needs to proclaim their private religious beliefs.  Our
soldiers die to protect the latter right; they should not be subjected
to the oppression from military chaplains who insist on insulting and
antagonizing soldiers and sailors and causing conflict within the ranks.
 I am sure Capt. Kingenschmitt can draw great comfort in the thoughts
that his public prayers that offend many in the armed forces will in the
end undermine the ability of the armed forces to defend the nation.  

Paul Finkelman
President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law
     and Public Policy
Albany Law School
80 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, New York   12208-3494

>>> Gordon James Klingenschmitt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 09/30/06 3:14
PM >>>
Although Congress didn't pass new legislation, they did order SECNAV and
SECAF to rescind their recent (illegal) policies that required
"non-sectarian" the controversial Air Force Guidelines
(and Navy policy) are now TOTALLY RESCINDED, and military chaplains are
free to pray "in Jesus name" in any public setting.  
  The official Senate/House conference report language can be read here:
  In Jesus name,
  Chaplain Klingenschmitt
  719-360-5132 cell  
  To:  National Desk
  Contact: Wanda Sanchez, 209-534-9921, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  or Chaplain Klingenschmitt, 719-360-5132, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
  WASHINGTON DC, Sept. 30th /Christian Newswire/ -- 1) Navy and Air
Force Chaplains free to pray "in Jesus name" again. 2) Congress orders
Secretary of the Navy to rescind "non-sectarian" prayer policy. 3)
Congress orders Secretary of the Air Force to rescind "guidelines
concerning the exercise of religion."
  After months of fighting the Navy's "non-sectarian" prayer policy,
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt rejoiced on Friday as the U.S.
Congress took decisive action to overturn recent Navy and Air Force
policies that required "non-sectarian" prayers. 
  "Praise be to God, military chaplains can once again pray freely in
Jesus name!" Klingenschmitt declared victory. "Although this fight may
have cost my career and my pension, it was well worth it, because now at
least other chaplains will be given the same religious liberty I was
  While Senator John Warner blocked language in the Defense
Authorization Act to let chaplains pray according to their conscience,
Congressman Duncan Hunter held firm and secured non-negotiable language
in the "Conference Report" forcing the Navy and Air Force to rescind
their "non-sectarian" prayer policies. 
  The official conference report language can be read here:
  Janet Folger, Founder and President of Faith To Action, declared
victory as well: "This conference report has teeth. It restores freedom
of speech to military chaplains, it restores the law since 1860 that
traditionally let chaplains pray in Jesus name in any setting, and it
serves a swift rebuke to Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter. He's
now been ordered by Congress to rescind his illegal policy, and stop his
censorship of chaplains' prayers. Winter is over, it's Summer again, for
chaplains who pray in Jesus name." 
  Klingenschmitt also believes this policy change will overturn his
recent court-martial conviction. "When my court-martial judge ruled that
wearing my uniform during 'public worship' is only safe inside Sunday
chapel, but that 'worshipping in public' in uniform can be criminally
punished if you disobey orders, he based his ruling on SECNAVINST
1730.7C, that same illegal policy Congress just rescinded. That proves
my commander's original order was 'unlawful,' and my court-martial
verdict is now legally unenforceable." 
  Klingenschmitt has already written to Secretary of Defense Donald H.
Rumsfeld, read here: 
  To schedule an interview with Chaplain Klingenschmitt or Janet Folger,
contact Wanda Sanchez, 209-534-9921, [EMAIL PROTECTED]   or
Chaplain Klingenschmitt, 719-360-5132, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

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