I guess it is not the only family  
  I heared the family of his holyness anba dimetrious the pishop of malaowy-his 
family b4 being a monk
  I heared too the family of ikladios habib bek was speaking coptic
  I read too in nakada tell 1950s the priest never pronounce anon coptic word 
in side the church  - i red that in Fr. shenouda mahir book
  for the old and the new pronpunce I think  we all must learn coptic in any  - 
old or new pronouce - and use it then  we can revive the coptic 
  in greece some villages  speak the old greak and others speaks the new
  the same  in cyprus  
  even when in arabic the sa3ida & bahrowa & damaita & elesakandriah ... etc 
each has his own tune

            This case has been reported by major news agency. I hope that we 
start recording this rare case before we loose our last chance. If anyone here 
is in a position to help in preserving the tongue of the egyptian language, 
please do your bes to help our language come backwith authentic pronounciation. 
The encouraging news is that one of the largest institutes for languagesand 
specially those who are in a process of extintion has confirmed this case. I am 
hoping that this great institute ( I do not remember its name but I saved it in 
favorites) will start this process. This was my dream, I always had hopes that 
we did not loose it totally, we hope our dreams will come true when we revive 
our Egyptian language.
  Lilian Nawar

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