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> Is there some way to scan backwards for any OMITs that occur during
> the weekdays on/prior to a given trigger-date?

I had to solve this *exact* problem.  Here's my solution:

# Garbage

# Set garbday to the usual weekday of garbage collection where
# Monday == 1 and Friday == 5.  Set garbdayname to the matching
# day name.

# Example below: Friday
set garbday 5
set garbdayname "Friday"

fset _garbhol(x) wkdaynum(x) == garbday && slide(x-garbday, garbday) != x
fset _garbdel() iif($Tw != garbday, " (Delayed)", "")

REM [garbdayname] AFTER OMITFUNC _garbhol MSG Garbage[_garbdel()]

To understand how this works, you'll need to look up the OMITFUNC clause
and the "slide" function definition.  And translate from Canadian ("garbage")
to American ("trash") :)

The basic idea is that the _garbhol function returns 1 if any of the
preceding weekdays (including this one) is OMITted, and 0 otherwise.


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