I was playing around with using .rem files as todo-lists where
the lead-time ("+3" to get 3 days warning) causes it to appear in my
reminders until I've completed the task, with an as-easy-as-possible
(possibly through todo-item template copied each time) way of marking
the task as complete, but still having the main event show up on the
calendar.  For example, sending a birthday card:

  REM Apr 14 ++7 MSG %"Pat's birthday%"% %b (send card)%

Before sending the card, I'd like to get nagged daily for the 7 days
leading up to Pat's birthday and see "Pat's birthday" on my calendar
for the 14th.

However, once I send a card on (say, March 26th), I want to mark the
task as "complete" (however is best/easiest) so that I no longer
receive the "send card" notifications, but still see the birthday on
the calendar on Apr 14th.

A bit of hacking suggests something like

  REM Apr 14 ++[iif($T > date(2017,4,8), 7, 0)] \
   MSG %"Pat's birthday%"% %b (send card)%

where 2017-04-08 is when I sent a card last year, updating that to
2018-4-9 when I send a card this year.  However, this doesn't seem to
be working based on my testing.

I'm open to any & all suggestions.



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