ever thought to contact their web site ? somebody in charge of something , I thought to share this , I looked into a job once same name was used my cousin who lives some other state has my full name,  if anyone wanted to google my name Mark Holman you may be surprised one is an attorney and former DHS head honcho.  He may not be the Great Lakes bunch ( we are in 3 states anyway MI, OH, IN, and maybe down south.
Mark Holman AB8RU

Adam T. Cately wrote:
<things were snipped>

   Lack of communication - what a concept in the radio world!?!

   I've had the same circumstance twice now since the club took back the
actual running of the hamfest - Two years in a row, I tried to get spots
for myself in the flea market, with no return response from messages left
on the hotline answering machine, OR from my emails to the listed address.

   I also started going to Dayton in 1974, and for the last three years,
and the next few more, probably won't attend again.  And that's sad on MY
part, as I love radio and hamfests in general...

I've been attending Dayton since 1974.  This year, I've had two folks 
contact me to see if I had gotten my tickets yet, as they have not 
received any word.
They need to be more prompt about communications, or they are going to 
piss a bunch of folks off.
Scotty, did we get our tickets/spaces yet? (we hadn't the last time we 
conversed about it)

   - Adam - 



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