I guess you could call it a a by-product of having a mobile 
 telephone ... Each area of the mobile telephone service had, 
 of course, its own mobile (telephone) operator.  She would 
 call directory assistance for you, if necessary, and connect 
 you with your requested number 

  Each area also had its own on-duty 'technician' in case of a 
 difficulty.  This was a live warm body who actually knew what 
 a two way radio looked like.  I was impressed !!! 

  One Friday evening in the early seventies I was headed toward 
 San Jose, California for the weekend.  From the Los Angeles area, 
 this was a several hour drive.  (I had made the drive in less 
 than five hours once - but that is another story.)  

  As I got closer to San Jose, I finally got tired ... so I 
 called the Salinas technician via the mobile operator and 
 chatted with him all the way to my destination.  

  The less than five hour drive story is for another time ... 


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>--- In Repeater-Builder@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>   I was on mobile telephone in the late sixties / early seventies 
>>  on lo-band - the ZM channel. 
>>   My 'mobile telephone' consisted of a Motorola 80-D (30 watts 
>>  output) installed in the trunk of my car ... connected to 
>>  the old mechanical Secode Decoder. 
>Neil, thanks for the memories....
>I remember the "ZM'" phone quite well. I remember you 'keying up' 
>from just about anywhre in So Cal, even in S J valley.
>Those WERE the days.

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