Here's the split breakdown:
TLD1692  132-150.8 MHz
TLD1693  150.8-162 MHz
TLD1694  162-174 MHz

Don't let that PA out of your hands, it's the ideal unit for 2m.

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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Yup, me too...  speaking of..  I dug this cont-duty PA out of the shed.
Makes good power on 2m..  but have no idea what split it is supposed to be.
I need to get it into service as the Mirage has crapped-out...

Stamped TLD-1692D1 on the ear of the chassis.  The board has a barcode of

I am pretty sure it is VHF, but anybody got an idea of what split?
My manual is soooo old, that it is chisled on stone tablets, and this number
doesn't appear.  Closest match was TLD1690A.. 132-150MHz split.


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  Seems to me, the last time I visited a RS store, there wasn't
 more than fuses and a few miscellaneous parts ... nothing to try
 to build something with.

  My 'junque box' has way more stuff parts wise than any RS store
 I have visited in years.

  Neil - WA6KLA

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