I use two separate boards for encode and decode to allow fast switching for
an EchoLink link radio.  The TS 64 used for encode only provides tone when
the receiver is unsquelched and is decoding the proper subaudible tone
(yellow lead I think on the TS64).  Since I listen to the repeater at home
mostly, I'm also not bothered by the squelch tail and the ID.  Sounds more
like simplex conversations than a repeater.
  John  KU4RW

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We use two boards but switch the encode on only when the input tone is 
present. The reason for this is it facilitates the use of cross band 
radios. The tone drops out before the courtesy tone and tail so the 
guys doing cross banding can access the repeater in normal time.

I prefer having the tone present during courtesy and ID, it helps 
eliminate timing out by the guys using PL decode, but its not possible 
in this scenario.


Scott Madison, WN1B

--- In Repeater-Builder@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Rice" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> I have installed tone boards on my micor repeater but had some 
> questions as to what is the best way to handle PL tones.  I have at 
> the moment installed 2 TN-34 Standard tone boards(1 for decode and 1 
> for encode) and it works fine. Encodes as long as the repeater 
> transmitter is up. Do any repeaters only use the 1 board mode and 
> encode upon decode of a signal? This, of course, would mean that the 
> repeater ID and courtesy tone would not be heard by the stations 
> unless they have PL decode turned off. Anybody think one way is 
> then another? Seems a waste to use 2 boards when 1 will do. Just 
> curious what others thoughts are regarding this. 
> Thanks Steve

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