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Brett wrote:
> Have you tried common earthing of the feeders?
> Do the radios have good shielding between them (metal cases no plastic).
> Have you looked at the site with a good specan?
> Is the sound you are hearing antenna flutter?
> 80 MHz Cols what brand are they?
> We found over here in the west we replaced cols with 4 stack dipoles 
> because of flutter and bad joints internally.
> I really think it is time to check with a good Spectrum Analyser. You 
> may be surprised what you see coming done the feeders from the other txers.
> Make sure you look at the rx freqs when they are all in rx only, you may 
> well find that you have a sprogy rxer basically txing into you other rxers.
> Cheers
> Brett
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>     *Sent:* Thursday, March 30, 2006 6:33 AM
>     *Subject:* [Repeater-Builder] desnse on community sites
>      Hi guys .I have a small problem that i have been trying to sort out
>     for a while now .I have 5 repeaters operating on one of my sites
>     3 vhf low band and 2 uhf band.The frequencies are as follows
>     VHF
>     A-TX 70.300MHZ RX 72.800MHZ       fitted with 4 1.5 meter  by 4 inch
>     meter tins-most likely a notch diplexer    3db colinear ant   FM828E
>     B-TX 70.5875MHZ RX 73.0875MHZ   fitted with 4 1.5 meter by 4 inch
>     meter tins-most likely a notch diplexer    3db colinear  ant   FM828E
>     C-TX 70.725MHZ RX 73.225MHZ      fitted with a new band pass/band
>     reject possibly a varinotch     3db colinear ant    FM828E
>     UHF
>     D- TX 473.575 RX 478.775MHZ         fitted with mobile notch
>     diplexer 6mc450s  6db colinear ant   MAXON PM150/SM4450SC
>     E- TX 489.1MHZ RX 483.900MHZ      fitted with 6ld450s diplexer 6db
>     colinear ant     MAXON PM150/SM4450SC
>     All coaxes are Heliax from antennas to Diplexers with N connectors
>     Interconnecting cables between diplexers and radios  are rg223u
>     A and B are a 1.5 meter apart with C in the middle
>     All antennas are mounted  aprox 50 cms or more away from C or each
>     other .
>     D and E  have a 1.5 meter between them
>     ie-                                           D
>                                          A        C       B
>                                                     E
>     I am at times having desense (ie scratch ) especially in windy
>     weather occuring on repeaters B and D.It doesn't seem to affect the
>     desense wether the transmitters are txing or not .There isnt any
>     problem of the repeaters affecting each other ,they all work great
>     just the problem of scratch coming and going .A,C and E do get
>     scratch on occasion but no where as bad as D and B.D and B works
>     great sometimes (clear with no scratch)and then reception
>     will slowly develope major scratch and then slowly clear up
>     -possibly electrostatic or wind moving the antennas ?.I have been
>     fixing loose  bolts on the windmill tower to stop problems incase of
>     tower twist and this affecting service.I am wondering if there are
>     any futher sugestions . 
>     Thank You,
>     Ian Wells,
>     Kerinvale Comaudio,
>     www.kerinvalecomaudio.com.au <http://www.kerinvalecomaudio.com.au/>
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