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Inside and outside of the buildings would be needed.  My objective is to reduce the time wasted in managers calling each other to see if a product is available, often times we have a manager at the other end of the store or outside and they have to walk all the way to the back to answer the phone.  Each store is probably is probably 15,000 square feet.

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Do you want or need handheld (portable) coverage inside
and outside the store? What is the general operating
area of the radios?


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> We have four stores that is spread over nearly a 60 mile radius. The
> first store is about 40 air miles from my store, and then from my
> store to the next store is about 17 air miles, and again from that
> store is 17 miles or so. From store one to store 4, there is about 60
> air miles between them. Locating the repeater here at my home about
> 100', it will be on UHF. Using mobile radios, they would all be able
> to reach the repeater, but I would like to enhance it somehow that the
> handhelds would be able to be used between the stores. Any thoughts
> on a plan that would work for this. I have to keep cost to minimum.
> We do have DSL at all 4 stores. Thanks.
> Mathew
> N9LV


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