If you email or contact my ("rotten to the core" :-) friend 
Mike (wu7q) about his UHF Repeater System (on echolink and 
IRLP), he'll tell you the story of how his brand new LMR-400 
feed-line worked great for about 3 months. The system was 
installed early in the year when outside temps were 

The California 105' summer heat killed the line in the 
fourth month of operation.  

The Repeater Receiver went numb... really numb.  Everything 
tested great, Receiver, Duplexer, the LMR-400 feedline and 
new Antenna.  T'was a real head scratcher for a time.   

We replaced the LMR-400 feed line with 1/2 inch andrews hard 
line and the receiver came back to life just like magic!  

The original LMR-400 still tests like nothing is wrong with 
it... but something is wrong with it unless you like resistive 
feed line on your UHF Repeater System. 

This is only one example of the grief we've had with LMR-400 
feed line.  But I will say that some of our earlier installed 
LMR line vhf antenna systems are still working ok. We are slowing 
removing the LMR-400 from critical applications as equipment is changed. 

Your results will probably vary... 

Tower climbers and antenna days are costly and eat up more 
time than most people/shops care to admit.  Over time you learn 
to remove all the variables from a new antenna system installation 
so you don't end up "punching the clown" over a product selection 
mistake. LMR is in the variable columb... 


> "Tim and Janet Campbell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Recently there were some negative comments about the 
> LMR coax.  I have not used it before but was curious 
> what problems others may have encountered 
> while using it.
> Tim KB2MFS

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