> solder to.  Use the crimp-on style connectors from www.Fab-
Corp.com and
> provide some kind of stress relief to the connector.  Try not to 
nick the
> center conductor when you strip it back as it is copper-clad 

All very true, but holds true really for any cable - any changes 
(nicks/scratchs/blobs of solder more than needed on center 
conductor)  to the surface of the center conductor will show up if 
you sweep the cable.  A TDR really shows this stuff.

BTW, Times does make a version of LMR called "-DB" which is a 
flooded cable, and I am using LMR-900-DB on one repeater here in our 
local area and have been for 4 years now with no problems.    

Now I don't want to get kicked out of this forum, so I have to cross 
this one gently.  I am the "Anderson" of Fleeman, Anderson & Bird 
Corp http://www.fab-corp.com as mentioned above.  We have offered 
for years a special amateur radio operator discount of 7% off your 
total.  All you have to do is put your callsign in the comments when 
you finish you order.  This is done manually the first order, but 
subsequent orders you'll see the % off on your cart when you login 
the site.

My appologies to the moderator if i've crossed any rules here, just 
wanting to pass on the offer we have.

Now that's not to say that I also don't use LDF, I have 1035ft of 1 
5/8 on one repeater that's 5 years old and running strong.  My most 
insane line is 865ft of 3 1/8" EIA transmission line we use at one 
site from a broadcaster that abandoned it on a 1000ft tower.  (here 
in Florida it's flat, our only way to get high is on tall towers) 
http://www.ni4ce.org (Big Stick) has the information on our 5 site 
15 county repeater system here in West Central Florida I maintain.

Dave Anderson

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