One 4-Motrac base, rack mount, model B53MHB.
Manual copy available for the Kinkos costs.

I know that the rest of this stuff isn't quite radio related,
but I know that people and 2-way shops have multi-line
phones, and some have older systems... might need
some of this stuff.

Over 15 years ago I had the chance to pick up this
stuff after a acquaintance passed away... at the time
I was doing phone system work on the side.

Well, I'm never going to use it all, so I'm offering about 90% of
the stash...
I need to make space in the garage.

All are free for hauling away or shipping costs...

All of this stuff is a little dirty from warehouse storage.
I live in Arcadia, California, just a mile or so east of Pasadena.
Plug "91007" into the search box of Google Earth and the
crosshairs will be within a mile of me.

Folks familiar with telephone equipment will recognize

25-30 used 66M blocks  (these are the smaller 4-pin block),
a mix of split (i.e. each row has 2 groups of 2 pins each)
and unsplit (each row is all 4 pins across the block).
All are used, most still have wire punched into them. A
few have a couple of the plastic wire pegs broken off.
New these things are $12-20 depending on where you go.

30-40 unsplit 66B blocks (these are the 6-pin big block).
All 15-20 years old, most look like they were never used.
$15 and up if you could find them and were to buy new.

20-30 type-89B standoffs for the M blocks - all over 20 years old
but most never used, but a little yellow with age (the type of plastic
they used does that).

1 each Northern Telecom "Logic 6", "Logic 10" and "Logic 20"
key phones plus one, maybe two ITT 30-button (29 lines) phone.
Several 2564 and 2565 phones. One 9-line WeCo wall phone
(handset hangs up on the top of the phone) - sometimes called
a "barn phone".

These are "1A2" key telephones that use the fat 25-pair cable
that has the 50-pin Amphenol connector...
(Picture a 50-pin version of the 36-pin connector you find on
the back of a printer).

The "Logic 6" is a 5-line phone that is used and looks it but
works fine, the "Logic 10" is a 9-line and the "Logic 20" is the
19 line version.  The "Logic 20" and the ITTs are new in the box
and have a jack in the back for a headset (the dual 1/4" telco-type
of headset jack).  The "10" is used, but still decent looking
and would clean up very nice with a bit of automotive polish.

1 used ITT "501" 6-line KSU with the optional 2-line add-on
panel and a Melco KC-9 buzzer intercom (9 stations).
The exterior looks new but the inside has the wear and tear of
a dusty warehouse environment, also the intercom unit was
used when it was installed and looks rough, but works fine.
This system was used with some of the 9-line phones above
and offers 8 lines plus intercom.

I have a 501 manual  that can be xeroxed and I'll do that
if you want to pay the Kinkos cost.
If you ask nice I'll swap out the 9-station for your choice
of a KC-19 or even a KC-37 (19 and 37 stations).

Several used "584" shelves, and 1 "512" shelf complete with
interrupters, and there are several power supplies available,
most with ring generators.  Each shelf will control 13 phone
lines.  Each power supply will support 3 shelves.
I have a xerox of the manual for the 512 and the 584.

One TIE 612 phone system.  Capable of 6 lines and 12 phones.
Includes a few phones, all have the monitor speaker option, I think
one is a speakerphone. Condition unknown, no manual.

I think there is a NorthCom "1A3" phone system on the shelf.
If so, it is also a 6 by 12.  Manufactured as a swapin for the TIE
(i.e. uses the TIE phones) but with more features.
Condition unknown, no manual.

over 100 line cards of several types for the above 1A2 shelves -
Includes 400D, 400E, 400H, 401, 413, 407, 415 (ringdown), 417,
4000 (a 400 clone), 4100, 4200 (a 400 with MOH), a couple tuner
cards for the 4200s, etc.
I know a few are bad but I have no easy way to test them.

I have other telephone crud of the 70s and 80s vintage... if you
are maintaining a vintage system let me know what you need.

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