I have a modified Syntorx for two meters.  You may want to take a look 
at Piex.com.  They are the people I got my mod kit from and it worked well. 
I think they could have made provisions for a control head and it would have 
been much nicer.  They also advertise it will go to 220.0Mhz and I agree. 
The mod kit is very nice and well thought out.  If I can answer particular 
questions don't hesitate to ask.
73's de Tom MAnning, AF4UG
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> At 02:25 PM 04/02/06, you wrote:
>>I'm searching various yahoo groups looking to see if anybody has ever
>>modified a Syntor X up to the 222 MHz band...  I have a tracking
>>generator, so re-tuning the RF preselector set, and the VFO injection
>>filter set is feasable... I have not yet done the math, but I was
>>thinking of low-side injection with a 150-174 MHz Syntor X (which
>>normally uses high-side injection) ...
> I did the math on a Motrac a long time ago, and actually moved a 172mhz
> Motran (then had a serial tag made up that read U43.5MSN-3190AK)
> Basically I converted the receiver LO multiplier 75-to-150MHz doubler
> into a tripler, and ordered rocks for 149MHz receive channels from a
> local cheap rock chipper. I wasn't going to spend good $ on a experimental
> project.
> The front end mod was similar to Kevin's Micor-receiver-to-220 mods.
> The transmitter got the same doubler-to-tripler mod and the PA deck
> was actually pretty easy...  each tuned circuit had a coil, fixed cap
> and trimmer cap in parallel. By diking out the fixed cap it all tuned 
> right
> up.Not exactly the right L-C ratios, but it was a proof-of-concept idea.
> A 149.150 CAP or MARS (I forget which) channel element with a
> cheap crystal that had drifted low beyond use was able to be tweaked
> to 149.0 and it landed me on 223.5
> The finals were inefficient enough at 220 that they didn't need any
> neutralization... I was seeing a clean 19-20 watts out.
> I had the radio working on the local 223.94 and 224.94 repeaters,
> and on 223.5MHz simplex.  It lasted about a year before it got
> replaced with a Midland 13-509... 12 channels in a smaller box.
> Then a 13-513.  Then a trunk mounted 13-513 with 11 memory
> channels (DIP switches back in the radio) and one VFO channel
> via a homebrew control head.
> Mike WA6ILQ
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