Dave wrote:
> Now I don't want to get kicked out of this forum, so I have to cross 
> this one gently.  I am the "Anderson" of Fleeman, Anderson & Bird 
> Corp http://www.fab-corp.com as mentioned above.  We have offered 
> for years a special amateur radio operator discount of 7% off your 
> total.  All you have to do is put your callsign in the comments when 
> you finish you order.  This is done manually the first order, but 
> subsequent orders you'll see the % off on your cart when you login 
> the site.
> My appologies to the moderator if i've crossed any rules here, just 
> wanting to pass on the offer we have.
> Seeya,
> Dave Anderson

No apology necessary, except for your prices maybe....

I looked at a few things and realized that even with a generous 7% Ham 
Discount, that you are still several percent higher than the norm.

Lets take for example your "Rotenna" look alike bridge set:
Your special price of only $434.99.  Take off 7% and you get $404.54

Now look at this:
Buy 2 for $344.00
Granted you don't get the Cat 5 cable in this kit, but you could buy a 
500' roll for the difference.

Then your WET54G:
$149.99, less 7% is $139.49...

You can buy them here for $92.00

At 7%, you aren't doing us hams any favors....

Kevin Custer

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