This absolutely could work for you. You seem to have a vhf.repester with poor 
handheld coverage in the building. Just set up the vhf unit to the correct 
repeater pairn and use that cable to connect the vhf to a uhf simplex freqm. 
The handhelds would then be uhf and simplex. Sonanything the vhf hears will go 
out on uhfn and anything the uhf mobile hears will be transmitted out the. Vhf 
on the repeaters ibput freq. And will go thru the repeater. People in the 
building will then hear the uhf tansmission simplex. 


P. S. The other ideas can work also,just depends on what you want to 
accomplish, the cist, and convenience. 
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Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 22:28:19
Subject: Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: BiDirectional Repeater Cable?

Thanks for the response.  So this is not what I thought it sounds like.  We are 
looking to boost indoor handheld coverage so our theory was to use this 
cable with a VHF w/ our main repeater freqs and connect it to a UHF for 
handheld transmissions.  In this case, both radios would need to be able to RX 
and TX, not one as Rx and one as Tx.  Correct? 
Also had recommendations for a rooftop yagi pointing to our main repeater, to a 
bi-directional amp, to a indoor omni.  As well as having multiple on-site 
repeaters linked via UHF.  If you have any other thoughts or experience w/ 
these please let me know!  Most of our sites are about 2-3 miles apart, but we 
have one that is about 10-15 miles.  The main repeater is at about 100ft AAT, 
but 2 of our locations are sitting in a river valley which seems to be blocking 
a good handheld signal. 
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Subject: [Repeater-Builder] Re: BiDirectional Repeater Cable?

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