> "Kevin King" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> All very good points Skipp. I have developed solutions like 
> what they need many times back in the 80's. Used to put 
> those midland and uniden repeaters up with phone interconnect 
> all the time. Mostly in junk yards. That was after the 
> operators of the yard gave up on the cordless phone with 
> the antenna kits!

You're the one..!  I'm still finding Uniden Repeaters in dusty 
radio sites... and some Midland units.   Actually Uniden was 
quite the player back in the mid and late 80's. The Uniden 
LMR Radio line was sold by a ga'zillion people.  I'm still 
fixing Uniden ARU-250 and ARH-351 Repeaters for people... both 
ham and commecial. Midland is still holding their own pretty 
well. I started servicing some of their older Syntech and XTR 
Stuff and it's actually pretty nice stuff. 

> The suggestion to use a PTT service is only 9.95 to add to 
> existing service. I was assuming employees already having 
> some sort of cell service. 

True, but most of my business clients don't want to give people 
full cell phones, else they're on their phone much of the day 
talking drama, drugs or where the next party is...  I got one 
customer back from Nextel because his first bill for only one 
phone was $1600.  Seems it costs real money to call South America 
and talk to the family all day long (for a month). 

> If they do not then a system solutions is the way to go. The 
> one 60 mile hop the poster mentioned is what is going to need 
> some engineering and brings cost and most likely ongoing 
> expense to the solution. 

Where the smart and resourceful radio shop owner - operator 

> The best RF based solution so far sounds like the voice over 
> IP linking. 

Cough, cough... Unless his link paths are really blocked, 
regular rf links would be a cost effective way to go (unless 
you have a microwave hop handy). 

It's my opinion that current VOIP Linking is still way to Jerky 
for the typical consumer to deal with. All the delay, switching, 
connect times and choppy audio can quickly frustrate the users.  
It's hard enough to get them to press the ptt button before 
they start talking.

I hope to see if anyone's got a better mouse trap at this 
years IWCE Las Vegas Convention. Then leave Thursday late 
to Dayton!  ... I can smell those brauts already. 

> Unless he is in the central valley of California, then 
> just about any of the good mountain top sites will cover him! 

Not really...  you have serious co channel user issues and 
all the things a mountain top site brings to the table. It's 
nice to be high up, but it can also be a real pain in the 
fanny. There is still no free lunch operating at the higher 
level repeater sites. It's just a much bigger brown bag... 
> Cellular sales folks would jump on the opportunity to
> do something with this. Those folks are more aggressive 
> that the sales folks for 2 way in the hay days.
> Kevin King 

Yep, and they do...   so you have to be there trying to 
jump with or ahead of them. LMR Radio needs to be lean, 
mean, cost effective ...and work very well.  Oh yeah... 
you have to be able to dance and sing on one leg while 
you talk with the customers. 

Cheers Kevin,

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