The TLE1713A is number for the 75-watt UHF PA Deck. I don't have the MICOR Repeater manual in front of me, but I believe the TLE1703 is the 40-Watt (or maybe it's the 20-watt PA). All three PAs had the big heat sink fins across the rear of the unit. Then there were the 2-watt and 12-watt UHF MICOR PA decks, but they were only about 6" or so across, with the heat sink fins that point towards the front. The 2 and 12-watt PAs fit between the exciter and power control board, saving some rack space.
I've been trying to find a 20 or 40 watt PA for some time - I always find plenty of the 75-Watt TLE-1713As, but want one of the lower-power ones for a particular project.

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The 1703A is a 75watt continuous duty amplifier. UHF usually 450-470MHz and will work down into the ham bands. Apply 12V to the + terminal and either about 9V (for 75w max) or 12V for (100watts w/ a fan) to the control point, middle screw terminal on power block. Drive if I remember right is about 200mw to about 1watt I believe.


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