> Yes, a slightly off topic question.
> I recently acquired a 1992 Jeep Cherokee with the 4L engine & 4 speed
> automatic transmission.  Anyone have any experience to know if I should expect
> to have any RFI problems from this vehicle?

I've had a '97 and a '01 as company vehicles and had most of those bands 
in it with no problems.
I currently have a low-band Syntor X (6 & 10), a Kenwood TK-705D (VHF) 
and 805D (UHF), and a EFJ 8640 (900). No RFI problems that I've noted. I 
used to have an Azden 6M rig in the '97, and could tell anytime I got 
close to a K-car or one of the next generation after that, whatever they 
were birdie very close to 53.01...doesn't bother the 
Syntor though...???...must be IF related...
Mounting is not bad, but placement is a challenge. The 705 is mounted 
under the dash to the left of the steering wheel, the 805 is mounted on 
the right side of the console mounted to just clear the glove 
compartment door and the passenger seat, and angled so I can see it. The 
head of the Syntor is mounted on the left side of the console under the 
dash, facing up. Since it doesn't have a display, I don't need to see it 
as much. The radio itself is on the floor in the backseat, since no one 
ever sits back there anyway, but it could have been mounted in the back 
just fine. I was able to find existing gaskets to run power through the 
firewall and up to a GE fuse block under the hood.

With yours being a few years older, mounting may be easier. I remember 
there was more under-dash room in my wife's '92, but we never put a 
radio in it (she hadn't gotten her ticket yet).

Jim Barbour

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