Two reasons actually...
1) The units with no Zerk fitting are usually solid (ie. not cross drilled
to facilitate lubrication) and are therefore much stronger.
2) No lubrication (sealed) means they WILL be serviced.  Not fun, usually
the dealer or a trusted local guy gets the work...

Just my 2 cents...

BTW, I use solids in my '80 Vette drive train.  I haven't found a single
unit with the cross-drilled configuration that can stand-up to 570 ft-lbs of
torque, and 630 hp applied to the ground through a 4 speed.  Every once in a
while you just gotta embarrass the high-school kid in his 5 liter Mustang.
You know the "me too" cars. I usually invite them to the local drag strip
for an education <grin!>  In front of all of their friends...

"I have a five liter Mustang.. "
        "Me too"
"Mine has Flow-Master exhaust.."
        "Me too"

Get the picture...

Mike Perryman

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>>Hi John,

  ... snip ...

>>The drive shaft and 4wd front knuckle U-Joints without
>>grease fittings are/were my only complaint. I just had the
>>originals replaced with new Spicer units, which have the
>>much desired grease fittings.  Doesn't have anything to do with
>>the radio, but what the heck...

  Seems to me all new vehicles come without the Zerk (grease)
 fittings whenever the manufacturer can get away without installing
 them.  Just more of something to wear out - and replace costing
 you, the end user, more money.

  In every opportunity to do so, I always buy replacement parts
 with the Zerk fittings attached.

  Hope this helps,

  Neil - WA6KLA

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