skipp025 wrote:
> Hi John, 
> Using all the common uhf/vhf bands in a Cherokee I can tell 
> you there will be some minor (but strong) birdies at various 
> vhf/uhf spectral locations. 

I also get some from the fuel pump in a 2000 Cherokee Classic.

> They appear to be computer software located so they do go 
> away when some major operational parameters changes during 
> your trips (travel). 

Yeah, mine change too.

> As an example... a birdie will pop up on a frequency but will 
> probably not return to the same frequency the next time the 
> vehicle is started. Relative to the overall operation, The 
> birdie problem on a desired frequency is less than 3% of the 
> time. 

I think every modern vehicle is going to have some of these... so many 
computers, so much stuff on in the vehicle just by turning on the 
ignition key... and lots on even when the ignition's off...

> I have yet to operate hf on the road from the Cherokee, which 
> makes very a nice service/radio vehicle. 

I operate 40m mobile from mine using an FT-857 and an ATAS-100.  Works 
well, considering the size of the antenna is piddly for the band.

> The drive shaft and 4wd front knuckle U-Joints without 
> grease fittings are/were my only complaint. I just had the 
> originals replaced with new Spicer units, which have the 
> much desired grease fittings.  Doesn't have anything to do with 
> the radio, but what the heck... 

Yeah, I just replaced the front left U-joint on mine.  Mechanic said it 
was pretty trashed.  I didn't think to look for upgrades, but total with 
labor was just over $100, so if it lasts another 100,000 miles, I'll be 
fine with the originals.  (GRIN)

I recently upgraded the thing to 30" tires, and have a tiny amount of 
rubbing if the body flexes off-road.  I think a 2" lift kit is in this 
vehicle's future for the "repeater site access/rock climber" this 
vehicle is eventually going to become...  ;-)

Nate WY0X

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