Henry uses all fixed capacitors in their amps. Whether
they change values for specific band portions, or
adjust the coils, is unknown.

I bought a C100D10R amp from them and asked that it be
tuned to 444.450 MHz and also wanted female N
connectors on it. They gave me exactly what I asked
for and it gives me 80 watts out with 7 watts in, and
that's going into a duplexer then into an antenna.

I also had a C80D3 amp on 460-something that I sent to
them. They removed the pre-driver (turning it into a
C80D10), tuned it to 444.450, Installed female N
connectors, and sent it back with a manual and a new
power cord, all for about $85.

They seem to be very good answering e-mails, so I'd
write to them and inquire, but only after verifying
that the amp is not performing to specs on the bench
with a good dummy load and adequate drive and power.

Bob M.
--- n3dab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Greetings to the group,
> Does any one have any specific info on retuning a
> Henry C200D10R UHF 
> 450-470 rack mount PA into the 440 band ?   The PA
> requires 5-10w to 
> produce 100-200w out.  I can see nothing inside that
> is adjustable, 
> all the components are fixed value and securely
> soldered in place.  
> The only thing that might be adjusted is the spacing
> of the coils on 
> 4 wire wound chokes, 2 near the input  and 2 near
> the output.  
> The PA belong to a friend who purchased it used from
> a 3rd party, had 
> it shipped to Henry to put on 443.750, and return
> for use.  A simple 
> bench test into a 50 ohm dummy load shows that
> (using a IC2400 mobile 
> on low power) 8-9w in at 443.750 yields about 45w
> out but as I 
> increase the freq. to 462.750 the IC2400 pwr drops
> to 5-6 w (which I 
> would expect from from the mobile being out of band)
> but the PA 
> output pwr. jumps to over 100w. 
> My suspicion is that Henry did nothing but make sure
> it was working 
> in the deigned band range(450-470) and slap a new
> label on it and 
> send it back.
> Will compressing the choke coils closer together
> make any difference 
> in the freq. range, or do some of the fixed
> components need 
> replacing.  I know the choke compression worked in
> retuning a ARR 450-
> 470 preamp to move it to 440 (per ARR directions). 
> If so, how close 
> should the coils be spaced ?? 
> TIA for any help
> Doug  N3DAB

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