Its size and location in the RF path suggests that it is an optional
preselector.  It should have five adjustment screws with locknuts, and bear
the designation TFD1011 or TFD1012.

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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Subject: [Repeater-Builder] Unidentified part in msf5000 vhf station


I just aquired a second msf5000 to make a 2 meter repeater our of and it has
a part not present in the first station. I suspect it could be a rx preamp
due to the fact it has coax input and output and it is wired in series
between the duplexer rx port and the receiver rf input.
It appears to be an aluminum block rack mounted just below the power supply
and is about 1.5" thick and about 8 or 9 inches wide. I did not see any
electrical connections so if it is a preamp it must get power from the coax
into the receiver. I am not familiar with this device. My other station did
not have this part. Perhapps it is sopme kind of filter? Both stations are
the digital capable models which I program with the rib and old laptop. Any
ideas please! Pictures on request if needed.

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