Stuff to try:

   1. Verify that the LO multiplier chain is peaked correctly.  I've
      seen a bunch of these that exhibit this symptom that had mistuned
      LO chains.
   2. Feed the test signal into the RX directly.  If you see good
      sensitivity, you know where to looks  ;-)
   3. Take each of the bottom cover shields off in order and clean the
      tabs.  Put them back on and run a small screwdriver tip every 1/8"
      or so shorting the can  to its ground. If you see an improvement
      get out an iron and solder it.  I don't like doing this, but I
      haven't found an alternative that works.

On 9/6/2010 12:11 PM, Tim Sawyer wrote:
> I have a Micor base that was manufactured in the ham band. Model is
> C64RXB3196A-SP71. The receiver model number is TRE1241A-SP10 (420-450
> Mhz). It came with 4 channels all tuned up and on frequency in the ham
> band. But the receiver is sensitivity is .72 mv for 20 db quieting on
> the best channel and .9 on the worst. I went through the alignment
> procedure and could not make any improvement. Obviously this is not
> meeting the .5 spec and I was expecting more like .3 or so.
> So my questions is what should I do to troubleshoot this? Is there
> some common Micor receiver failure parts or areas that I should be
> looking into?
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> Tim

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