At 03:11 PM 9/8/2010, RichardK wrote:
>Good evening, our club has a Wacom WP-639 four can duplexer as part 
>of our repeater system. Input Fq is 147.915 and Output Fq is 
>147.315. We have a 600kHz (+) offset. Very simply, our main problem 
>is when we run the transmitter at full power 100 watts, there is a 
>HUGE desense on the receive side of things. When we drop the 
>transmitter power level to around 20-50 watts, the receive side 
>opens WAY up to a large area where people can get into the repeater. 
>As we begin to bring up the transmitter power, "white noise" begins 
>to appear and the receive side starts to desense again. All the 
>cables have been switched to double sheilded cables and all the same 
>wavelength in length. We have the duplexer seperated & sheilded from 
>the transmitter & preamp parts. We have not replaced the antenna 
>feed coax with double sheilded coax yet. Antenna is a Hustler G7 
>atop a 55' mast. The duplexer was retuned just over 1 year ago. Any 
>suggestions as to what we could look into next? Some of us believe 
>the problem is with the tuning of the duplexer receive cans. Thank 
>you very much.

<---The WP-639 is spec'd at only 80 db of isolation @ a 600 kHz 
split. At 100 watts, that simply isn't enough to prevent desense. You 
need more isolation

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