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> Then, the whole leaked source code would not be required.
I don't see why it is required at all. OsmocomBB does work, you can
call with it, send SMS, and so on.

The main issue with osmocomBB is that it requires a GNU/Linux host
computer to run.
While the layer1 runs on the modem, the layer3 currently requires a
GNU/Linux computer to run on.

Even on a smartphone this isn't great as you cannot keep the
application processor suspended anymore, else you would loose calls.

I guess that it would have taken less work to make OsmocomBB usable as
a feature phone or smartphone modem firmware.

I tried to convince the main person behind FreeCalypso to do exactly
that, without success.

Given that devices[1] supported by Replicant:
- Don't have a free software bootloader
- Don't have free software WiFi firmware
- Don't have mainline Linux and bootloader support

It is currently more urgent in my TODO list than finishing the port of
OsmocomBB to Nuttx.

[1] The Goldelico GTA04 wasn't fully merged, and the LG Optimus black
    has no Replicant port at all and even lacks many features in
    upstream Linux(such as display support).


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