Hi all,

I am offering a huge GTA04 bundle including a complete GTA04, a
complete Neo 1973 (GTA01) kit and a virtual treasure trove of
accessories :-)  The GTA04 can run the latest 4.10 kernel[0].

Photos are here: http://settrans.net/~rah/gta04-sale/

- Golden Delicious GTA04 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM board
- Golden Delicious GTA04 LCD module (attached to GTA04 board)
- Golden Delicious GTA04 RS232 cable
- OpenMoko Neo 1973 case, modified to fit GTA04
- OpenMoko Neo 1973 board with LCD attached (it has string around it
  to keep the battery in; I'll even throw in the string for free! ;-)
- OpenMoko charger A10P1-05MP 5V 2.0A, USB mini B with swappable UK
  and European plugs (bought new from Pulster.de in 2013)
- FIC GTA-01 battery (barely holds charge)
- FIC GTA-02 battery (good, bought new from Pulster.de in 2013)
- OpenMoko neoprene phone case
- OpenMoko big black plastic hacker box (this is possibly the hardest
  thing to let go of; it's a really nice box :-)
- OpenMoko lanyard, unopened
- 2x GTA01 debug boards with flexible flat cables
- Bag of PCB offsets for one debug board
- 2x Glede Torx T6 screwdrivers (one brand new and unopened)
- 2x brand new USB A to USB mini B cables
- Dunlop 73 guitar pick
- Combination pen, stylus and LED light with metal case.
  Unfortunately the pocket clip is loose now and doesn't stay on any
  more. I can't comment on the light but the batteries are definitely
  drained :-)  I'll include them though, so you can find
- Zagg Invisible Shield "OpenMoko Condom" case protector (unused)

I am looking to sell everything for £800 (GBP) plus postage or to
exchange for bitcoins.  I'm open to offers though.

Kind regards,


[0] http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2017-February/007257.html

PS, please excuse the cross-posting

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