Josh Branning writes:

> Hi,
> I have a few questions, in no particular order ...
> 1) Upon it's official release, will Replicant 6.0 be available for the 
> Nexus S (I902x)?

Unfortunately, so far it looks like the answer is no, unless someone
steps up and does the work. I don't have this device, so I can't work on
it anyway. But if I had, I'd rather work on the other more recent
devices that are currently supported by LineageOS (like the Galaxy Note,
the Tablets and the Galaxy Nexus). And I want to focus on the GTA04

> 2) Will an SDK be available, that builds separately from the Android 
> stack? Has any work been done on this, and is it worth me pursuing if I 
> have the time available for coding myself?

No, no work has been done specifically for this in Replicant. And I
recommend to not waste time on this. The real solution is to get the
Android SDK that is packaged in Debian into FSDG-approved distros. This
way, a free Android build environment is not only an "apt-get install
android-sdk" or similar package manager command away, but it would
actually be a clean build from source that is even reproducible. A
packaged Replicant SDK will always be inferior in all of these
The Debian Android Tools team has already done all of this
work for us. The only question is how difficult it is to port the
packages to distributions that are not based on Debian. I don't have
experience with this.

> 3) Is any work being done to get Replicant 6.0 working on a vanilla 
> Linux-(libre) kernel?

I'm not up to date about the mainline kernel work Paul is doing and how
far he is, e.g. with the Optimus Black. I'm currently not focusing on
this for the S3. Generally speaking, this is a huge amount of work for
almost all Replicant-supported devices and it will take a very long
time. Currently, only with the GTA04 you are able to do this or get very
close to having a vanilla kernel. This is also a big reason why I want
to focus on this device.


> Thanks,
> Josh
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