Josh Branning writes:

> Following your reply last time, I have since found this:
> Which is pretty close to what I was after.
> Thought it would be worth a mention,

Yes, these are the rebuilds from beuc. A quickly done Replicant 6.0 SDK
would be not much different. I think Paul changed the update url and
disabled stats by default for the Replicant 4.2 SDK. Maybe a few other
changes also affected the SDK.

I tried to get rid of a lot of prebuilts and to build most parts of the
toolchain from source. As far as I understand, the sdk target just
builds everything, all targets including tests. So a lot of prebuilts
have to be readded and there could be multiple conflicts with the
current toolchain in Replicant 6.0 that would break the build. So this
is what I fear would take some time which would be better spend

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