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> What apps can replicant run?

> Does it only run Fdroid apps or is is it open to other apps? I have a
> samsung  Galaxy S8 Edge.
F-droid available in Replicant images. F-droid also has the ability to
use more than one repository. 

Applications can also be installed manually trough adb or by
downloading the apk and installing it by clicking on it.
When you do that if the setting allowing third party applications is
not enabled, it will make you go in security to enable it.
Once this is done you need to find again the application and click on
it to install it, or if you don't find it, redownload it and install
it by clicking on the downloaded file again.
This procedure is also valid to install f-droid on most/all android
devices that way.

> Does anyone know of a goods source of information for installing
> Replicant On this phone?
Unfortunately the S8 Edge is not supported yet by Replicant. To be
supported, someone needs to work on adding support for it. Depending on
the device that can be very easy or a lot of work.
If the S8 Edge that you have:
- is already supported by LineageOS
- is  similar enough to other devices supported by Replicant
- has a similar list of proprietary libraries in LineageOS to other
  devices supported by Replicant
Then it should be easy enough to do with some small help for adding
support for the modem in libsamsung_ipc.

Else if you don't intend to work on it you may be able to document it
in this page:

Wikipedia and lineageOS source code (if applicable) has the
interesting information.


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