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> Note that you might want to merge the Generic pages into the Minor
> version upgrade page and just have the common parts and specific parts
> for each method when needed. Also, make sure to use the keep the
> naming convention for devices consistent. 
The generic installation page is now:
- Visible on the main wiki page but set as experimental and untested.
  People then need to test the instructions and to update the
  page accordingly. I didn't have the time yet to do it myself.
- supports most but not all devices. It doesn't support yet:
  -> The Galaxy Nexus which uses fastboot
  -> The devices having only one thing to flash. That is:
     - The Galaxy SII: heimdall flash --KERNEL recovery-i9100.img
     - The Galaxy Note: heimdall flash --KERNEL recovery-n7000.img
     I don't have theses two devices. It would be a good idea to have
     some reference 'print-pit' logs on the wiki, along with other
     developer-friendly information.
     I'll try to find the time to do that for the Galaxy S3 (i9300) and
     Galaxy S3 4G (i9305). Ping me about it if I forget.

> Also, on the main page, it would be more consistent to have the name
> of the page and a colon, such as:
> * Minor version upgrade: How to upgrade to a new release from the same
> Replicant version.

> Also feel free to name the page "MinorVersionUpdate" to keep the
> naming consistent with other pages.

I've also updated the naming of the generic recovery instructions.

> Since all the instructions are generic now, it makes more sense to
> not mention Generic in the pages names.
The recovery flashing instructions are experimental. It makes sense to
mention that they 'generic' until they stop becoming experimental.


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