Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli:
>> $ repo init -u git:// -b
>> replicant-7.1-dev
>> $ repo sync -jN
> As a potential contributor[1] I'm a bit lost:
> - which manifest should I base my work on?

Depends what you want to work on. That replicant-7.1-dev branch is for
LineageOS 14.1 based work. I moved now onto trying vanilla AOSP master
because the only reason holding me back with the old LineageOS 14.1
version was the "working" legacy kernel which turned out to be pretty

> What would be the best way to improve clarity when work is being done
> on a new Android version?

Maybe we should create a wiki page for the efforts? Like who is
interested in helping and what device is the priority, what things need
still work, ... Btw, I still don't have access to the wiki so if someone
could add it for the user "putti". It would be also good if the creator
of a Redmine issue could update the issues status/description, etc.

Thanks for pinging about this topic, Denis! I feel like I could give a
try for the AOSP master + mainline linux combo on i9305 today as
forkbomb sent me the partition table for the phone (I was a bit stuck
with the development because I didn't know what it was).

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