I tried using replicant-next kernel with replicant 6 (to try and get
sound working on i9305). Unfortunately it did not boot.

I then proceeded to try and use the postmarketos exynos4 kernel with
replicant 6. After a few patches (turning optimization off on a few
kernel functions) at first the resulting image was too big, but then I
tuned the kernel for size and it was ok. Unfortunately it also didn't

I seem to remember when I was messing with kernels w/ postmarketos, I
had to append the dtb onto newer kernels in order to get them to go. I
know how to do this in the 'usual' CLI way, but my question is how do I
compile and append a dtb file using replicant 6 by editing mk files or
whatever (android-style) to get the device to go? Is there a way of
doing that, some variable to set the dtsi or something?

Reason for working on replicant 6 is to try and get LTE modem working
with that first before moving to replicant 11. I will upload the code
if I make any further progress.

Thanks or your time,

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