I have followed all instruction and have built successfully Replicant
6.0-0004 for i9300. However, the last step is not explained quite well
in the docs and remains unclear to me: the build script asks for some
information to create something called a signing key. I had no idea
what to enter, so I simply pressed enter to all questions (which is
obviously wrong).

- What is the correct information I must input and where do I get it?

- How is it used? Is it something that can reduce my privacy (i.e. make
  the device more easily fingerprintable) while using Replicant?

- What is its role after the images are flashed to the device?

- After knowing the answers to the above, I would obviously need to
  re-enter the correct info. Do I need to re-run the whole build
  process? Or is there a way to repeat just the last step (the signing

I hope someone can clarify this.
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