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Since yesterday, December 27th, the 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37C3) is taking place in Hamburg. Replicant is present as part of the Critical Decentralization Cluster (CDC).

Replicant’s assembly is the place to come by if need help installing Replicant or general advice regarding software freedom on smartphones and tablets. You can also take the opportunity to verify the release signing PGP.

Location: G5, Hall 3, Level 0
DECT: 8652

As Replicant is struggling with structural problems, first and foremost lack of contributors on key areas (development, sysadmining, communication, coordination, documentation), we are looking to onboard new people with fresh ideas. Please drop by if you feel keen to help on any of these field.

There will also be a few talks and gatherings about Replicant and related topics in several spots around the congress:

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