On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 11:52 PM, Karl-Philipp Richter
<krich...@posteo.de> wrote:
> `reportbug` should catch SIGINT, save the current report in a temporary
> location

why? the only point where it matters, is the last step at the menu
asking to submit the report, and there is already an option to save
the current draft and exit. If you press Ctrl+c, then it's your fault.

> (maybe not DRAFTPATH because it might be `/tmp/`, but `/var/tmp/`) and
>  inform the user about that location.

you can customize this path; all these reports start to be kinda
annoying, mostly because you didnt spend *any* time reading the doc or
previous reports and you're wasting a big chunk of my time.

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