control: severity -1 wishlist

let's set the right severity here (it is pretty clear running
reportbug that the information are store publicly "Note: bug reports
are publicly archived (including the email address of the submitter)")
and exists an option (--paranoid) exactly for those more careful about
security and privacy.

I think it is more a task for a bug script in tomcat8, but since
debian-el calls with the --no-bug-scripts... not much can be done from
that side. and even if we do something in reportbug, that will be
ignored since debian-el is running all in automatic-mode, so all the
warnings will be lost.

On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 10:12 AM, Debian Bug Tracking System
<> wrote:
> Processing commands for
>> clone 808384 -1
> Bug #808384 [debian-el] debian-el: Report include authentication info.
> Bug 808384 cloned as bug 808972
>> reassign -1 reportbug
> Bug #808972 [debian-el] debian-el: Report include authentication info.
> Bug reassigned from package 'debian-el' to 'reportbug'.
> No longer marked as found in versions emacs-goodies-el/35.12.
> Ignoring request to alter fixed versions of bug #808972 to the same values 
> previously set
>> retitle -1 reportbug: reports include authentication info
> Bug #808972 [reportbug] debian-el: Report include authentication info.
> Changed Bug title to 'reportbug: reports include authentication info' from 
> 'debian-el: Report include authentication info.'
>> thanks
> Stopping processing here.
> Please contact me if you need assistance.
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